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Certification for Indoor Environmental Hygienist (CIEH)

There is a need for a designation that identifies those qualified individuals who are engaged in the comprehensive practice of indoor environmental consulting. This designation must promote the highest standard of practice.

The most common question asked by individuals and organizations that retain indoor environmental consulting services is “Who do we call?” This certification enables them to identify indoor environmental consultants that have demonstrated a level of knowledge and experience that distinguishes them from others in the field.

An Indoor Environmental Hygienist (CIEH) has knowledge and working experience in a broad range of disciplines, principles and requirements including but not limited to:

As the body of knowledge advances it is important that Indoor Environmental Hygienist (CIEH) continue to develop and enhance their skills. Therefore, this certification requires ongoing maintenance of the individual’s professional status through IEI approved continuing education.


Indoor Environment
An indoor environment is an ecosystem that encompasses everything that impacts the indoor quality of commercial, public, and residential buildings, other structures, their contents and the occupants.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
Indoor environmental quality is the state or condition of the indoor environment. It is influenced by the outdoor environment, the surrounding structure and its systems, the building contents, and the activities of occupants.